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RVTravel.com podcast: Tony’s top picks … the coolest RVs on the market right now, Forest River recall

September 10, 2021

Our own Tony Barthel shares his top picks for creative, innovative, just-plain-cool new rigs. We take an insider’s look at the newest offerings from RV builders, from all-electric to somewhat-traditional. Tony also shares advice for you next time you’re shopping for a new RV.

There’s also news and travel trends, a Forest River recall, and your feelings about holding tank gauge reliability. Here's the rundown.

[3:35] The RVTravel.com survey question. Results later in the podcast. News: visitor numbers at our first national park, who are those new RV travelers?

[7:10] Tony Barthel of RVTravel.com begins our look at the coolest, newest, most innovative RVs on the market today, from all-electric to more traditional, campers to pull-behinds.

[15:55] Tony’s latest project: restoration of a 1970 Aristocrat vintage trailer.

[35:50] The shopping list continues … more innovative and creative RVs, Tony’s opinions, and their most interesting features. Two pickup campers top the list, but there’s a fifth-wheel and more on the market.

[43:25] Tony’s hard-won advice as a former RV sales pro, on how to shop for your next RV.

[47:00] Recall: Forest River products.

[48:30] The survey results, and your comments on holding tank gauge reliability.

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