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What a dealer looks for before buying a used RV, a hero saves a toad, Jayco staff bolts, how much is Winnebago stock worth?

September 17, 2021

Episode 25: News you won’t get anywhere else, plus insider information from an RV insider-dealer, and his advice on the hidden problems you need to watch for when buying a used RV. COVID restrictions at RV parks, a recall, RV sales figures, value of Winnebago stock over past 10 years. Here’s the entire line-up:

[3:55] News: RV sales figures year to date, COVID restrictions for unvaccinated travelers at RV parks, a hero saves a toad and prevents an accident.

[7:30] Uncle Josh Winters, the RV Nerd at Haylett RV, clues us into who dealers are coping with demand, staffing challenges, and parts shortages from ladders to furniture foam. He says they are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Josh also gives us insights into a major migration of top management from Jayco, and where they went.

Josh begins his tutorial on inspecting a used RV before you buy it.

[24.25] Josh tells us why our closets and cupboards are so cold and hot and what to do about it. He shows us how to inspect a used RV prior to purchase, from top to bottom and everywhere in between. And why your closets and cupboards are so cold and so hot. Josh shares his research on the correlation between the number of dealer service bays, size of sales staff, and how that affects their customer reviews.

[39:00] Josh explains why you may not be so welcome as a service customer if you didn’t buy your RV there.

[42:00] Recall on Ram pickups, the value of Winnebago stock over the last decade. RVTravel.com survey results: how long will you stay if you can’t get Internet or cell phone service? Your comments, and a tip from a solo female  RVers that could save your life!

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